Frequently asked questions

Q: Why should I come to DJ Hackday?

A: Are you interested in meeting, learning and being creative and with many of the leading lights from the music/technology community? Do you want to explore the very edge? Find new opportunities with people who could be your co-founder/partner?

DJ Hackday is where you want to be…!

Q. Do you have a code of conduct?

A. Yes we do, we ask everybody reads it fully. Everybody attending, taking part, helping out and running the event will strictly stick to the code or be asked to leave the event.

Q. Can I volunteer to help?

A. Theres usually a variety of volunteer positions available before and during DJ Hackday. A special contact form will be made available during the next one.

Q. Can I apply for a press pass?

A. Press passes are available for members of the press or those who would like to cover DJ Hackday fully.